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Science and research by topic

Data on oceanography, aquatic species, water science, hydrography, fisheries and aquaculture.

Biogeochemistry research

Our science data on the chemical, physical, geological and biological processes that make up marine environments.

Aquatic ecosystem science

Research on aquatic ecology and the balance between marine environments and aquatic species.

Fishery and aquaculture science

Research related to aquaculture and the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization.

Marine biology research data

Research on aquatic species, including animal health, biotechnology and genomics, plankton and invasive species.

Ocean climate, temperature and salinity

Research, programs and databases of information on ocean climate, temperature and salinity.

Tides, currents and water level science

Data and monitoring for tides, currents, water levels, waves, and circulation.

Water science and hydrography

Research on water, including sea ice studies, navigational products and interactive maps.

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