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Shark research

Atlantic and BC shark species, how to report sightings, shark anatomy and the research lab.

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Services and information

Identify a species in the Atlantic

A list of sharks found in Atlantic waters and images of sharks.

Identify a species in BC

Descriptions of rare and common West Coast sharks, and images of sharks of British Columbia.

Shark sightings

Document and report your encounter with a shark.

Shark research in the Atlantic

All about shark surveys and details about different shark species including diet and growth rate.

Shark anatomy

Internal and external body parts of sharks, including fins, skin, skeleton, eyes and of course teeth.

Canadian Pacific Shark Research Lab

Ongoing research and stock assessment on sharks, skates and rays at the Pacific Biological Station.

Interesting facts

How sharks feed, reproduce and age, their role in the ecosystem and the truth about shark attacks.


Get in touch with shark researchers across Canada.

Policy for shark fin import and export for scientific research

Outlines Fisheries Act permitting criteria.

What we are doing

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