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Science data, advice, contact information and research about aquatic environments, fish, marine mammals, climate change and hydrography.

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Services and information

Advice, publications and data

Science advisory, status reports, data, publications and infographics.

Aquaculture science

Environmental monitoring, fish health, escapes, farmed species research, pests and pathogens.

Environment and ecosystems

Habitat and ecosystem monitoring, contaminant and oil spill research, biodiversity and freshwater science.

Fish and invertebrate science

Fish population science, invasive species and genomics.


Surveys and research supporting Canada’s marine navigation products.

Marine mammal science

Impacts on species and ecosystems, tracking methods, research laboratories and networks.

Ocean and climate

Ocean research, modelling, climate change science, predictions and scenarios.

Partnerships and collaboration

National and international funding opportunities, Science at-Sea, and academic partnerships and collaborations.

Our organization

Research facilities, centres of expertise, careers and our scientist directory.

Science and research by topic

Scientific research and data on water, oceans, aquatic ecosystems, hydrography, ice and more.

What we are doing


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