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Canadian Extreme Water Level Adaptation Tool (CAN-EWLAT)

Extreme water levels along coastlines can result from a combination of storm surges, tides and ocean waves. Projections of climate change effects in the marine environment show that global sea level rise and declining sea ice will increase extreme water level events in the future. This will directly impact Canada's coastlines and coastal infrastructure. Understanding these changes is essential for developing adaptation strategies to minimize the negative effects to coastal infrastructure.

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The Canadian Extreme Water Level Adaptation Tool (CAN-EWLAT) is a science-based adaptation planning tool that provides sea level rise projections for Canada's coastlines over the coming century, and advice on how much higher to build coastal infrastructure to accommodate the projected rise. The tool, developed for small craft harbour locations, is also useful for planners dealing with infrastructure along Canada's ocean coastlines.


The full data that was used to develop this application is available on the Government of Canada's open data portal.

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For more information or questions on CAN-EWLAT, contact Dr. Blair Greenan or Dr. Will Perrie.

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