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Otolith research lab

Information for scientists and students about the use of otoliths (earstones) for studying many fish populations.

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Services and information

About otoliths

An overview of otoliths, growth rings and what we can learn from them.

Otoliths, removal and ageing

Otolith definition, how to remove otoliths and determine age.

Otolith class project

Project explanation, materials and steps for biological sampling, age determination and data analysis.

Otolith research information

Scientific information on topics relating to otoliths and ageing methods.

Research methods

Prepare, examine and analyze otoliths for use in the study of many types of fish.

Contact us

Phone and fax numbers, mail and email address for the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Nova Scotia.

Current research

What we’re working on in our laboratory and in collaboration with other scientists.

New discoveries

Some of the most promising areas in otolith research.

Research links

Additional information on fish ageing.


A list of books, with primary and technical publications.

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