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Aquaculture science

Targeted and collaborative research and development, peer-reviewed processes, technologies and species research.

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Services and information

Aquaculture regulatory research

Research to advance understanding of interactions between aquaculture and the aquatic environment.

Aquaculture collaborative research and development

Government and industry collaborate for research on fish health and ecosystem interactions.

Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat

The results of peer-reviewed science and advisory processes related to aquaculture.

Canadian Aquaculture R&D Review

Biannual review of an ongoing collection of the aquaculture R&D projects from across Canada.

Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture

Scientists study the potential benefits of growing finfish, shellfish and marine plants.

Species research

Research on aquaculture species using new technologies and innovative techniques.

Aquatic animal health science

Programs and research supporting the health of aquatic animals, such as shellfish and marine mammals.

Closed containment

A wide range of barrier technologies used in aquaculture to restrict and control interactions.

Aquaculture environmental risk assessments

How environmental risk assessments are conducted on aquaculture projects.

External Advisory Committee on Aquaculture Science

Advisory body of independent experts providing guidance on issues related to aquaculture.

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