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Aquatic species

Aquatic species in Canadian waters, including those at risk, invasive, fished or farmed.

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Services and information

Browse aquatic species

Aquatic species listed by name or category, including species and habitat descriptions.

Aquatic species at risk

Species profiles and registry, recovery plans, public consultations and permit applications.

Aquatic invasive species

Regulations, research and action plans for reducing the spread of aquatic invasive species.

Pacific salmon

Managing and conserving Pacific salmon fisheries, including sockeye, pink and coho salmon.

Seals and sealing

Facts, statistics and regulations on the seal harvest, and the 6 species of seals affected.

Marine mammals

Species identification, reporting a sighting or incident, Marine Mammal Response Program.

Sea turtles

Biological and conservation information regarding sea turtles.

Farmed species profiles

Profiles of farmed fish and shellfish, such as salmon, mussels, trout and clams.

Shark research

How to identify a shark, shark sightings and facts, research laboratory.

Skates and rays

Rare and common species of skates and rays, and the differences between them.

What we are doing


Pacific Salmon Strategy Initiative

Pacific salmon

We're taking bold action to stabilize and protect Pacific salmon.

Let's Go for a Swim! Aquatic Species at Risk in Ontario, Prairies and Arctic

Print and colour some aquatic species at risk in Ontario, Prairies and Arctic.

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