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Aquatic species at risk

Species recovery information and habitat protection for fish, reptiles, marine mammals and molluscs.

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Services and information

Search aquatic species at risk

Aquatic species at risk and their populations and habitats in Canadian waters.

Species at risk and you

How the Species at Risk Act protects critical habitat and affects communities and industries.

Recovery planning

The process for creating recovery strategies and action plans for endangered or threatened species.

Habitat protection

The Species at Risk Act requirements for identifying critical habitats and new protective measures.

Permit application

The process of applying for permits for scientific research projects.

Regional information

Species at risk in Canada, including maps and protection efforts for each region.

Aquatic species at risk maps

Find out if aquatic species at risk or their habitat may be near your proposed project area.

Canada Nature Fund for Aquatic Species at Risk

Supporting projects that help aquatic species at risk, with a focus on priority threats and places.

Aboriginal Fund for Species at Risk

Support to help Indigenous peoples participate in the protection and recovery of at-risk aquatic species.

Habitat Stewardship Program for Aquatic Species at Risk

Funding to help the recovery of at-risk aquatic species, program history and expected results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Responses to common questions about the Species At Risk Act and its link to commercial fishing.

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Learn more about the Species at Risk Act and actions taken to protect Canadian wildlife.

What we are doing


Wild Atlantic Salmon Conservation Strategy

illustration showing 5 salmon swimming upriver.

The Government of Canada is committed to developing the first-ever Wild Atlantic Salmon Conservation Strategy (WASCS).

Protecting killer whales

Protecting killer whales

How Canada is taking action to help southern resident killer whales.

Protecting Canada’s wild salmon

Protecting Canada’s wild salmon

How we’re ensuring healthy, diverse salmon populations across Canadian ecosystems.

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