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Whale Insight - An interactive map of North Atlantic right whale detections in Canada

Advanced map

If you would like to filter the data and browse whale sightings in more detail, you can try the advanced interactive version of the Whale Insight map.

Advanced Whale Insight Map

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This interactive map displays North Atlantic right whale detections in eastern Canadian waters. These detections are either visually observed by aerial and at-sea surveillance, or recorded with acoustic technology. They are made by several groups that undertake monitoring and surveillance activities in Canadian waters.

Right whales are constantly on the move. The map shows the location and time that visual or acoustic detections were made. It does not show where all right whales are at any given time or track individual whales.

Detections are reported to the map as soon as crews are able, usually within the same day, and the map display is updated every fifteen minutes. All detections shown have been validated by a marine mammal expert.

The interactive summary map below displays the last two weeks of detections, and more information can be added by clicking the layer button on the right hand side. Go to the advanced Whale Insight map to explore the data from 2017 onward in eastern Canadian waters using filters. Visit the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration right whale sightings advisory system to view right whale detections within US waters.

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