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Seals and sealing

Facts, statistics and regulations on Canada’s seal harvest, and the six species of seals affected.

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Identify a species

The six seal species in Canada and their feeding habits, lifespan, sizes and population trends.

Commercial fisheries for Atlantic seals

Decisions and information on the Atlantic commercial seal harvest.

North Atlantic seal science

Research on seals in Atlantic Canada.

Monitoring the seal harvest

Regulations, rules and their consequences, enforcement teams and agencies, surveillance tools.

Ensuring the seal harvest is humane

Canada’s well-established humane harvesting practices and the science-based, three-step process.

Certification and Market Access Program for Seals

How Canada provides support to Indigenous communities as they certify seal products for export.

The importance of the seal harvest

The economic, social and cultural value of a sustainable seal harvest in Canada.

Statistics on the seal harvest

The latest facts and data, the number of licences issued per year and the number of seal landings.

Seal market

Seal products used in Canada and exported around the world, and why Canada supports world market access.

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