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Sea turtles

Species information, reporting a sighting or incident and safe observation guidelines.

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Services and information

About sea turtles

Sea turtle species in Canadian waters, life history and the need for conservation.

Report a sighting or incident

How to report a free-swimming sea turtle or one in trouble.

Sea turtles at risk

Leatherback and loggerhead sea turtles are listed as endangered under the Species at Risk Act.

Observing sea turtles

How to safely observe sea turtles on the water.


Access reports and studies on sea turtles.

Help protect sea turtles

You can help protect sea turtles by using less plastic. Sea turtles may mistake plastic waste for food. They may also get tangled up in various kinds of plastic, such as 6-pack rings from soda cans or packing straps. This can injure them or make it hard for them to swim or feed.

Ways to reduce your plastic waste:

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