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Pacific Salmon Strategy Initiative

Pacific salmon need our help. In recent years, climate change, habitat loss and fishing pressures have negatively affected Pacific salmon at every stage of their lifecycle. Our Pacific Salmon Strategy Initiative will guide a strategic and coordinated long term response to these issues, rooted in collaborative action, to stabilize and restore Pacific salmon and salmon habitat for the people, communities and ecosystems that depend upon their sustainability.

Pillars of the strategy

Our strategy aims to stem the steep decline of many Pacific salmon populations and to protect and rebuild stocks where possible by implementing a series of immediate and long-term solutions that focus on 4 key areas:

Engagement on the Initiative

We can't do this alone. We are proposing a number of actions to address Pacific salmon declines and will be engaging with:

  • Indigenous communities
  • governments at all levels
  • the commercial salmon fishing industry and recreational fishers
  • environmental and salmon stewardship organizations
  • scientists and other academics
  • general public

These engagements will ensure our efforts are focused on the actions that will have the greatest impact.

State of the Pacific Salmon

Photo: Aerial view of swimming salmon

Learn how climate change affects Pacific salmon.

Wild Salmon Policy

Photo of chum salmon

We place the conservation of salmon and their habitat as the first priority for resource management.

Blue Economy Strategy

Blue Economy Strategy

A blue economy requires a strategy to create jobs in coastal communities while ensuring our oceans remain healthy.

Protecting Canada's wild salmon

Illustration of the West Coast of Canada

Find out how we’re ensuring healthy, diverse salmon populations across Canadian ecosystems.

BC Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund


Funding for projects that support protection and restoration activities for priority wild fish stocks.

Salmonid Enhancement Program

Hatchery technicians

We aim to rebuild vulnerable salmon stocks and improve fish habitat to sustain salmon populations.


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