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Aquatic ecosystems

Aquatic ecosystems research, ocean and aquatic climate change science, projects near water, protecting marine resources.

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Aquatic ecosystem science

Managing human activities that affect aquatic ecosystems and ocean resources.

Bedford Basin Monitoring Program

Data on the environmental variability of this ecosystem at the weekly, monthly, seasonal, annual, decadal time scales.

Biotechnology and genomics

How scientists develop and apply genomics tools to assess and regulate fish products of biotechnology.

Environmental science

Scientific research on biodiversity, freshwater, oceans, fish habitats, invasive species and genomics.

Fish habitat

Fish habitat types, assessments, threats, and highlights.

Indigenous Habitat Participation Program

About the program, selection criteria and how to apply for funding.

Ocean and aquatic climate change science

Predictions and scenarios, oceanographic activities, and research and monitoring programs.

Projects near water

Guidance documents, find out if your project needs a review, and how to request a project review or report a violation.

Protecting aquaculture ecosystems

Fish farm site selection, managing organic waste, and escape prevention.

Protecting oceans

Marine conservation targets, bioregions and protected areas, network planning, oceans management and World Oceans Day.

Report an aquatic invasive species

Contact references to report an aquatic invasive species.

Report a fisheries violation

Provincial, territorial and federal telephone numbers.


Oceans Protection Plan

Oceans Protection Plan

Canada has the world's longest coastline, and our water is one of our most important resources.

Conservation measures

Oceans Protection Plan

Marine protected areas and areas of interest for ocean protection.

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