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Marine Protected Areas across Canada

There are currently 14 Oceans Act Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) across Canada, comprising over 350,000 km² or roughly 6% of Canada's marine and coastal areas. MPAs contribute to a healthy marine environment and offer a nature-based solution to address the impacts of climate change by protecting marine ecosystems, their habitats and species. MPAs also contribute to Canadian culture while supporting the economic prosperity of local economies and coastal communities.

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Ringed seal in the Canadian Arctic © DFO, RJ Stewart.

Arctic ocean
MPA name Year established Size in km²
Anguniaqvia niqiqyuam (Ung-u-niak-via Ni-kig-e-um) 2016 2,358
Tarium Niryutait 2010 1,750
TuvaijuittuqFootnote 1 2019 319,411

An Atlantic rock crab surrounded by sea strawberry coral © DFO, Mr. Longpré.

Atlantic ocean
MPA name Year established Size in km²
Banc-des-Américains 2019 1,000
Basin Head 2005 9
Eastport 2005 2
Gilbert Bay 2005 60
The Gully 2004 2,363
Laurentian Channel 2019 11,580
Musquash Estuary 2006 7
St. Anns Bank 2017 4,364

A wolf-eel surrounded by aggregating anemones and algae at the SG̲áan K̲ínghlas-Bowie Seamount MPA © DFO.

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