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Fish habitat

Fish habitat types, assessments, threats, and highlights.

Services and information

Habitat Highlights

Reports and data about fish habitat issues across the country.

Types of fish habitat

Lakes, rivers, wetlands and riparian habitats.

Fish habitat

Components of healthy fish habitat.

Threats to fish habitat

Factors that threaten the health and sustainability of fish and fish habitat.

Assessing habitat threats

Decision-making tools, monitoring, and environmental indicators.

Addressing habitat threats

Engagement, reconciliation, habitat restoration, regulatory review and advising.

Projects near water

Guidance documents, find out if your project needs a review, and how to request a project review or report a violation.

Indigenous Habitat Participation Program

About the program, selection criteria, and how to apply for funding.

About the Fish and Fish Habitat Protection Program

Information about program activities and how we provide expert support.

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