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Projects near water

Protect fish and fish habitat, request a project review or authorization, and get information about Federal contaminated sites.

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Services and information

In support of the modernized Fisheries Act, Fisheries and Oceans Canada has made available a new Fisheries Act Registry. Learn more about the Registry.

Request a review of your project near water

The project review process and steps to follow to help you decide if your project requires a review.

Protecting fish and fish habitat

Measures to protect fish and fish habitat.

Standards and codes of practice

Best practices to protect fish and fish habitat.

Engagement and partnerships

Engagement strategies and partnerships for habitat and resource conservation and protection.

Federal contaminated sites

Expert support for the Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan.

Report a problem

Contact us if you see someone polluting, poaching, harmfully impacting fish and fish habitat or illegally fishing.

About the Fish and Fish Habitat Protection Program

Information about program activities and how we provide expert support.

Contact the Fish and Fish Habitat Protection Program

Regional office phone numbers, emails, fax numbers and mailing addresses.


Task Force on Sustainable Tidal Energy

Report from the working group exploring sustainable tidal energy projects in the Bay of Fundy.

Conserving our oceans

To date, Canada has conserved nearly 15% of its oceans.

Talk fish habitat

Talk fish habitat

Have your say about how we modernize and develop new policies and products to implement the fish and fish habitat protection provisions of the Fisheries Act.

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