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Tools for harbour authorities

This harbour authority (HA) toolbox contains information and resources to help HAs carry out day-to-day operations in their small craft harbours (SCH). The toolbox provides documents created by the SCH program, HAs and other government programs, as well as some useful external links. The information contained in this toolbox aims to assist HAs but should in no way be interpreted as direction or counsel by any government body.

Finance and management

Business planning guide
Contains information on how to build a business plan.
Fee collection tips
Provides unofficial information on ways to collect fees from harbour users.
Financial reporting guide
Contains a financial reference guide and reporting templates to assist HAs.
GST/HST information sheet (Bilingual)
This publication provides information on the Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) for HAs.
Information to provide HAs with the guidance and knowledge of various funding assistance opportunities.


Clean Harbour Initiatives
Best practices for environmental management plans and managing harbour washrooms, vessel pumpout facilities and storm water.

Maintenance and operations

Harbour authority manual
Environment, finance, governance and operation manuals.
Abandoned and Wrecked Vessels Removal Program
Apply for funding to remove or dispose of abandoned or wrecked vessels in a SCH.
Signage guidelines and checklist
This brochure was produced by the SCH program, Maritimes and Gulf regions to encourage HAs to develop a signage plan for their harbour(s) and to work at its implementation.
Harbour authority berthage agreement template
This template was produced by the SCH program to present a berthage agreement sample containing standard clauses.
Sample of general harbour rules
The Harbour rules template was developed by SCH to provide HAs a sample of rules they can use at their harbour. HAs may adapt and customize according to their harbour requirements.
Letters for HAs in the event of non-compliances
Template letters developed to assist HAs in instances of non-compliance with HA rules.

Volunteers and governance

SCH Advisory Committees — Orientation Package (PDF, 1.36 MB)
Information for new members
Transition package for HAs
Canada Not-For-Profit Act


General information on insurance coverages
Compare the types of insurance coverages available to HAs.
Third party liability insurance
Information, procedures and templates for HAs.
Directors and officers liability insurance
Information on coverage for HAs.
Accidental death and dismemberment, and bodily injury insurance
Information on coverage for HAs.
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