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Accidental death and dismemberment, and bodily injury insurance

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The accidental death and dismemberment, and bodily injury insurance provides financial assistance and support for all volunteers, including members of boards of directors of harbour authorities (HAs), in the event of bodily harm or loss of life as the result of an accident. The policy provided to HAs is separated into 2 classes. Depending on their role, volunteers, directors and officers will be covered by Class 1 or Class 2.

Class 1: All volunteers, under age 75, participating in any volunteer work or activity authorized by the HA.

Class 2: Directors and officers of the HA, under age 80, regardless of when, where or how the injury happened.

This insurance is purchased and administered by the Harbour Authority Corporation (HAC), a federally incorporated body working on behalf of HAs. The Small Craft Harbours program provides a contribution to the HAC to cover a portion of the Class 1 premium. Class 2 insurance is also available and provides additional coverage to directors and officers.


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