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Response to a used oil spill demonstration


An accident can happen at any time. This is why Fisheries and Oceans Canada has provided spill response kits to each harbour authority. Easily accessible and housed in a dedicated cabinet adjacent to the spent oil containment storage tank. The Q Ultra 75 Spill Kit provides you with all the tools you need to control, confine and clean a small used oil or other petroleum product spill When you open the container, place its contents on the ground. The drum contains all the material that you will need to complete the containment operations safely, including Personal Protective equipment or PPE. Before doing anything else, slip on the gloves and the glasses as well as the remainder of the PPE. The safety tape marked Attention enables you to set the limits of a working perimeter around the spill to avoid any circulation, which could extend the contamination and gives you the necessary space to work safely. You are better off to set up a large perimeter in order to facilitate your operations. The Hydrophobic Absorbent pads only soak up hydrocarbons and other petroleum products. They absorb from seven to 25 times their weight in hydrocarbons. When you lay them out quickly along the perimeter of a spill, they enable you to slow the dispersal of the contaminated product. They can also be used to wipe down services adjacent to the discharge. If you happen to step in the spill while containing it. It is very important to wipe your boots or shoes using the absorbent pads as you are finishing your cleanup. In order to avoid contaminating the ground outside the spill perimeter. The spill kit contains a disposal bag. This bag is to be used to discard all contaminated material, including soiled, gloves, clothing, etc. To facilitate the task, we suggest that you place the bag in the drum in order to be able to dispose of the material easily throughout your operation. Items like glasses and the shovel can be returned to your kit after the operation if you're able to clean them properly using the absorbent pads. If a spill is caused by a hole in a barrel or a crack in a tank, use the epoxy sticks to stop the flow rapidly. Simply mix the paste in your hands and place it on the hole or the crack. The paste will harden and seal the surface. There are two types of hydrophobic absorbent boudins They can be connected and used to delimit the perimeter of a discharge and confine it to surround manholes to stop the spill from draining into water trap doors and to block access to water. The largest boudins can also be used to create a perimeter barrier on water. The Universal Allpurpose Absorbent allows you to retrieve liquids lodged in cracks and interstices. This type of granular absorbent absorbs all types of liquids. It is advised to use it on cement surfaces. Peat moss can be used on water or dirt ground to absorb oil and other petroleum products. The product is very light and flies away easily. If when conditions allow, it is important to scatter it as close as possible to the surface of the spill. The antistatic shovel allows you to collect the soiled material and to place it in the disposal bag. When you have completed the cleanup, the shovel must be cleaned with precaution using the absorbent pads or discarded in the disposal bag. When a minor accidental spill or discharge occurs, use your spill kit. Empty the contents of the drum and dress with the personal protective equipment. Quickly confine the spill using the boudins and the absorbent pads. Block any access to manholes or water. Mark the perimeter with the safety tape. Recover all contaminants and clean the area. Make sure to discard all of the soiled material in the disposal bag. Advise the harbor authority and report the incident to responsible authorities if you are not alone. While one person deals with controlling the source of the spill, the other person should control the extent of the spill, delimit the perimeter, then warn the harbor authority and report the incident to the responsible authorities. The spill kit provided by Fisheries and Oceans Canada allows you to control minor spills quickly. By using the kit properly, you protect your life and work environment.

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