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Financial reporting guide

The Financial Reference Guide has been prepared to assist Harbour Authorities in understanding and complying with key financial rules and regulations that apply to Not-for-profit organizations in Canada. Many of the rules and regulations are imposed externally by the Canada Revenue Agency or by other government organizations – including the Department of Fisheries and Oceans from a policy or business rules perspective.  Some of the rules and regulations that the Harbour Authorities are subject to are set by the Harbour Authorities themselves – in their Articles and By-Laws.

These templates are to be viewed as a tool that could be helpful to Harbour Authorities for financial reporting purposes.

Small craft harbours: Harbour authority financial reference guide
(PDF, 1.02 MB)

There are 2 scaled formats (A and B) for financial record-keeping and reporting based on gross annual HA revenues. Below you will find Excel reporting templates formats A and B, they are both standard and consistent with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Accounting Software kits available in the markerplace.

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