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Activity application for Banc-des-Américains MPA: Step 3. Checklist

3. Checklist

The Regulations governing activities allowed in the Banc-des-Américains MPA state that the activity plan shall include certain information. It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure that the information on the following checklist is included on the request form:

  1. the person’s name, address, telephone number and email address;
  2. if the activity plan is submitted by an institution or organization, the name of the individual who will be responsible for the proposed activity and their title, address, telephone number and email address;
  3. the name of each vessel that the person proposes to use to carry out the activity, its state of registration and registration number, its radio call sign and the name, address, telephone number and email address of its owner, master and any operator;
  4. a detailed description of the proposed activity and its purpose, the methods or techniques that are to be used to carry out the activity and the data to be collected;
  5. the geographical coordinates of the site of the proposed activity and a map that shows the location of the activity within the boundaries of the Marine Protected Area;
  6. the proposed dates and alternative dates on which the activity is to be carried out;
  7. a list of the equipment that is to be used, the means by which it will be deployed and retrieved and the methods by which it is to be anchored or moored;
  8. a list of the type and quantity of samples that are to be collected;
  9. a list of any substances that may be deposited during the proposed activity in the Marine Protected Area — other than substances that are authorized under the Canada Shipping Act, 2001 to be deposited in the navigation of a vessel — and the quantity and concentration of each substance;
  10. a description of the adverse environmental effects that are likely to result from carrying out the proposed activity and of any measures that are to be taken to monitor, avoid, minimize or mitigate those effects;
  11. a description of any scientific research or monitoring, habitat restoration, educational or commercial marine tourism activity that the person has carried out or anticipates carrying out in the Marine Protected Area; and
  12. a general description of any study, report or other work that is anticipated to result from the proposed activity and its anticipated date of completion.


Use this checklist to ensure that all required information is included. Other information may be requested by the MPA Management Team to ensure appropriate management of the Area. While your request will be evaluated only on the basis of the required elements, reviewing the request can be easier and faster when you provide more information.

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