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Activity application for Banc-des-Américains MPA: Step 2. The Application Process

2. Application process

Who should apply for an activity approval?


Anyone wishing to conduct scientific research or monitoring activities, habitat restoration activities, as well as educational or commercial marine tourism activities in the Marine Protected Area must submit an activity plan that provides the information required under the MPA Regulations . Consult the Regulations before initiating the application process to know which activities are permitted.

How do I apply?


To conduct activities in the Banc-des-Américains MPA you must contact the MPA Management Team to obtain the current Activity Plan Submission Form. Before submitting the application, you should review the Regulations and the checklist to ensure that all required information has been included.

When should I apply?


The Regulations do not specify how long in advance a request must be received before starting the proposed activities. However, please allow 60 days to process your request. It is recommended that you discuss the activity and the proposed start date with the MPA Management Team. The team can provide information on how to complete the form and raise any concerns that should be addressed prior to submission of the official request. To obtain the Activity Plan Submission Form or to submit an application, contact the MPA Management Team.

How does the application process work?


The completed request must be submitted to the Banc-des-Américains MPA Management Team for processing. The application will be reviewed by the Management Team, Advisory Committee (to come), and if necessary, other experts in the field. The Regulations, the Banc-des-Américains management plan (currently being drafted) and other scientific documents, establish the criteria with which applications are assessed. The management team will contact the applicant if clarification is needed for any aspect of the request and the proposed activities.

What is required for an activity to be approved?


Only scientific research or monitoring activities, habitat restoration activities and educational or commercial marine tourism activities may be the subject of an activity plan. The basic requirements for an activity to be approved are described in Sections 9 to 11 of the Regulations. The proposed research activities must not contravene the conservation objectives established for the area. Applicants are required to explain how the proposed activities contribute to these conservation, research and monitoring priorities, and demonstrate that these activities will not contribute to cumulative environmental effects in the MPA. The MPA Management Team can assist in ensuring that your proposed goals meet the objectives of the MPA.

Use the checklist to make sure all the necessary information is included. Additional information may be required to ensure sound management of the MPA. Although your request will be assessed based only on the required elements, the review can be expedited and facilitated if you provide more information.

How long does it take to receive a decision?


The Minister will approve or reject an activity plan within 60 days of the date the final version of the plan is received.

Is a follow-up report necessary?


The Regulations require the applicant to prepare an activity report which must be submitted within 90 days of the last day of activity. The information requested includes the data collected; the sample list (type and quantity) as well as the sampling dates and geographical coordinates of the places where samples were taken; the assessment of the efficacy of the measures taken to monitor, avoid, reduce, and mitigate the adverse environmental effects of the activity; and a description of any unexpected incidents that may have occurred. The Regulations also require a copy of any report, study or any other work resulting from the activity and relating to the conservation and protection of the marine protected area. These documents must be submitted to the Minister no later than 90 days after the date of their completion.

To submit a report, contact the MPA Management Team.

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