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Apply to the British Columbia Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund: 4. How to apply

Step 4. How to apply

The entire application process, from submission of an application to the signing of a legal Contribution Agreement, typically takes 6 months or more. This includes time for the assessment of applications, provincial and federal project approvals and negotiation of legal funding agreements. This process can be longer or shorter depending on the number and complexity of applications received, the level of completeness of an application and/or proposal, and the timeliness of your responses to our requests for additional information.

British Columbia Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund applicant guide

Submit application and supporting documents

Funding applications must be submitted using the BCSRIF application form, and be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation (e.g., relevant supplier quotes and confirmation of support from other sources, where applicable). Please contact if you require a copy of the document in MS Word format, or require support to fill out the application form.

You must complete all required sections of the application form and provide sufficient information about your project to enable us to assess eligibility, alignment with priorities, feasibility, risk and merit. Late or incomplete applications may be removed from further consideration.

Submit your application form as a Word document and a digitally-signed PDF document. Provide supporting documents in the appropriate source format (e.g., Excel, Word, etc).

Our applicant guide provides further information on program criteria (e.g., eligible costs) and examples of certain application components. All applicants are strongly encouraged to refer to the guide as they develop their proposals.

Where to send your documents

Submit all documents by email to If you are unable to submit your application or supporting documentation by email, please contact us to discuss other options.

You will receive an email within five business days to acknowledge receipt of your application. Once we’ve processed your documents, we may contact you for clarification or further information as necessary.

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