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2024-2025 Call for Proposals: Habitat Stewardship Program for Aquatic Species at Risk

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Under the Nature Legacy initiative, announced in Budget 2018, the Government of Canada is transforming its approach to species at risk conservation and recovery by shifting to ecosystem-based, multispecies initiatives. This approach includes providing funding towards the protection and recovery of aquatic and terrestrial species at risk.Footnote 1 Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) is responsible for aquatic species at risk and supports recovery of these species through various programs, including the Habitat Stewardship Program (HSP).

The HSP, established in 2000, provides funding for projects submitted by Canadians that contribute directly to the recovery of species at risk. To ensure the HSP is able to achieve its mandate to "contribute to the recovery of endangered, threatened, and other species at risk by engaging Canadians from all walks of life in conservation actions to benefit wildlife”, DFO routinely reviews the program to best address emerging priorities related to aquatic species at risk across Canada.

HSP has 2 platforms for funding:

  1. Terrestrial Species at Risk Projects – Delivered by Environment and Climate Change Canada
  2. Aquatic Species at Risk Projects – Delivered by Fisheries and Oceans Canada

This Call for Proposals applies only to aquatic species at risk projects. For information on funding for terrestrial species at risk, please contact Environment and Climate Change Canada.


Objective, expected results and national priorities

The objective of the HSP for Aquatic Species at Risk is to support and promote the conservation and recovery of Aquatic Species at Risk and their habitats by engaging Canadians in projects that will result in tangible and measurable conservation benefits.
Proposed projects must demonstrate how they align with the objective of the HSP. Further, the proposal must describe through its own objectives, activities and anticipated outcomes, how it will achieve one or more of the expected results:

The national priorities for the 2024-25 HSP are projects that focus on the implementation of:

Regional priorities

In addition to the national priorities, each region has identified specific priorities that support the national priorities. These include target areas, species and/or threats. The majority of aquatic funds will go to projects that address at least one of these regional priorities.

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Thank you for your interest in the recovery of species at risk. We wish you the best in your application!

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