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Priority threats, species and places

The Canada Nature Fund for Aquatic Species at Risk (CNFASAR) supports applicants in the design and delivery of stewardship projects. These projects support the recovery and protection of aquatic species at risk.

DFO has identified 2 priority marine threats, 3 priority species and 9 priority places as the focus for projects funded by CNFASAR.

map of the Canada Nature Fund for Aquatic Species at Risk Priority Places and Threats

A map of the Canada Nature Fund for Aquatic Species at Risk Priority Places and Threats. This map indicates the locations of CNFASAR priority places and threats across Canada. Note that this map does not include the 3 CNFASAR priority species: North Atlantic Right Whale, Atlantic Salmon and Pacific Salmon.

Marine threats

Priority species

  1. North Atlantic Right Whale
  2. Atlantic Salmon designatable units (DUs)/populations listed under the Species at Risk Act (SARA) or assessed by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) as at-risk
  3. SARA-listed or COSEWIC-assessed as at-risk DUs/populations of Pacific Salmon species

Priority places

  1. Fraser and Columbia Watersheds Priority Place (British Columbia)
  2. Rocky Mountains’ Eastern Slopes Priority Place (Alberta)
  3. Southern Prairies Priority Place (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba)
  4. Arctic Priority Place (Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Arctic Ocean)
  5. Lower Great Lakes Watershed Priority Place (Ontario)
  6. St. Lawrence Lowlands Priority Place (Quebec)
  7. Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence Rivers Priority Place (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island)
  8. Bay of Fundy and Southern Uplands Watersheds Priority Place (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick)
  9. Southern Newfoundland Priority Place (Newfoundland and Labrador)

With a focus on these priorities, CNFASAR projects should:

In addition, where possible, projects that clearly demonstrate Indigenous partnerships or leadership in their planning are preferred. This includes support for Indigenous knowledge and Indigenous capacity building related to the priority threats, species and places.

How were the priorities selected?

Priority threats, species and places were selected based on the following criteria:

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