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2024 fishery management measures

North Atlantic right whales

The North Atlantic right whale (NARW) is listed as Endangered under the Canadian federal Species at Risk Act (SARA). Canada has a suite of fisheries measures and initiatives in place in Atlantic Canada and Quebec to prevent entanglements.

Temporary and season-long fishing area closures:

Infographic: Fishing area closures to protect North Atlantic right whales

Fishing area closures

Infographic: Canada’s fishing measures by year introduced

Measures by year

Provisions for waters shallower than 20 fathoms:

Effective tracking of fishing gear:

Mandatory reporting for lost gear:

Mandatory reporting of interactions between vessels or fishing gear and marine mammals:

Whalesafe fishing gear

Continued monitoring and reporting:

Retrieving ghost gear from the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Bay of Fundy:

Marine mammal response:


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