2020 fishery management measures

2020 fishery notices related to North Atlantic right whales

The Government of Canada is taking all necessary actions to help protect Canada's endangered whales. With an additional year of scientific analysis, fishing and marine transportation activity and feedback, we now have more information available to inform our decision-making for 2020.

Protecting North Atlantic Right Whale

Protecting North Atlantic Right Whales

North Atlantic right whales

The suite of measures and initiatives in place in Atlantic Canada and Quebec remains focused on preventing vessel strikes and entanglement.

Managing fisheries

Season-long closure protocol in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

Temporary closures in Atlantic Canada and Quebec when right whales are present

Protecting North Atlantic Right Whale
Measures By Year

Provisions for waters shallower than 20 fathoms

Effective tracking of fishing gear

Mandatory reporting for lost gear

Mandatory reporting of interactions between vessels or fishing gear and marine mammals

Exploring new fishing technologies and methods for 2021 and beyond

Continued monitoring and reporting

Combatting marine litter: Ghost gear

As part of our ongoing efforts to protect the endangered North Atlantic right whale, DFO has been working to retrieve lost fishing gear, known as ghost gear, from the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The Department has also been working with industry on an ongoing basis to encourage fish harvesters to undertake ghost gear removal initiatives in conjunction with our fishery officers. We are also working to expand current mandatory reporting requirements for lost gear to more fisheries.

In 2019, we announced the $8.3 million Ghost Gear Fund to assist fish harvesters, environmental groups, Indigenous communities, the aquaculture industry, and coastal communities to find and retrieve harmful ghost gear from the ocean and dispose of it responsibly so that it can be recycled back into the economy. The program will also support fish harvesters looking to acquire market ready gear technologies to reduce gear loss.