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Fish and invertebrate science

Species information, studies, reports, databases and procedures for reporting a shark sighting.

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Services and information

Browse all aquatic species

Search by species name, species group, region, province, territory and conservation status.

Aquatic animal health science

Research and information supporting the health of fish, shellfish and marine mammals.

Biotechnology and genomics

Regulations, research, animal and ecosystem health, genetic profiling and wild commercial fisheries.

Invasive species

How to identify and report aquatic invasive species, early detection, monitoring, control and management.

Otolith research

Definitions, research methods and student opportunities.

Pacific salmon

Research, monitoring, stock assessment and potential interactions with aquaculture.

Shark research

Species, anatomy, research and reporting a shark sighting.

Skates and rays

General information, anatomy, research and identifying a species.

Wild fish predation project

Background, study design, results and next steps.

Fish ageing lab

Fish age analysis services.

Lobster science

Develop a common picture of the most important lobster science research questions.

Fisheries science

About fisheries science, data collection, stock assessment, science advice, research, and publications.

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