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Aquatic climate change science

Our ongoing research and monitoring builds credible science on the impacts of climate change.

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Services and information

Risks by region

The threats and risks to our oceans and freshwater environments by region.

Changing ocean chemistry

Learn why our oceans are more acidic (ocean acidification) and have less oxygen (hypoxia).

Impacts on ecosystems and fisheries

How changes in ocean and freshwater systems affect our living resources.

Ongoing monitoring

Monitoring to understand our changing oceans.

Research priorities

Understand more about our climate change science priorities.

Extreme events

The connection between climate change and extreme events, including sea level rise.

Turning science into action

The science and tools to help us plan and adapt.

Meet the scientists studying Canada’s oceans

Meet three of the researchers involved in our ongoing study and monitoring of Canada’s three oceans.

What we are doing

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