National Framework for Establishing and Managing Marine Protected Areas

Work Document - March 1999

Appendix 2. Checklist for MPA management plan content

The following checklist identifies possible elements of MPA management plans.

  1. purpose and scope of the plan
  2. background and history of the site
  3. location and boundaries of area and surroundings
  4. descriptive information, such as
    1. physical, biological, social, and cultural resources
    2. existing activities and uses in or near the MPA
    3. existing and potential threats to the MPA and how these might affect the MPA and its management
    4. existing legal and management framework
  5. management goals and objectives
  6. interpretation of regulations (e.g., details on zoning and activity prohibitions)
  7. core and special use zones management
  8. buffer areas and management of surrounding areas
  9. resource studies plans (inventory, research, monitoring)
  10. awareness, interpretation, and education
  11. markers, signs, buoys, and charting
  12. surveillance and enforcement
  13. resource enhancement or restoration proposals
  14. resource harvesting and use management
  15. visitor management
  16. continuing traditional Aboriginal or community uses
  17. participation, including advisory committees
  18. partnering agreements
  19. administration (staffing, training, facilities and equipment, budget)
  20. evaluation cycles and procedures for assessing MPA effectiveness and benefits
  21. planning cycles and update procedures
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