National Framework for Establishing and Managing Marine Protected Areas

Work Document - March 1999

Appendix 1: Checklist for AOI Information

The description of an AOI may include the following:

  1. The proposing organization or agency and its contact information.
  2. A statement of significance which indicates:
    • 2.1 why the proposed area merits MPA status
    • 2.2 how the proposed area meets the purposes defined for MPAs under the Oceans Act
    • 2.3 how the proposed area meets the purposes of other marine protected area legislation, if applicable
  3. Suggested location, boundaries and current status of the area
    • 3.1 analysis of federal, provincial, international, and Aboriginal jurisdictions
  4. Environmental and ecological information such as:
    • 4.1 significant species present, their status and ecological requirements
    • 4.2 important ecosystem and habitat characteristics, including environmental status and known stressors and threats
    • 4.3 special features (e.g., upwellings, rivers and estuaries, land-based runoff, and nutrient areas)
    • 4.4 important abiotic processes (e.g., physical, chemical, climatic, and geological processes)
  5. Social and economic characteristics within and near the area, such as:
    • 5.1 present and historic uses
    • 5.2 human activities with actual or potential impacts on the area such as oil and gas activities, shipping, aquaculture, tourism, recreation, and food gathering
    • 5.3 past and present commercial, recreational, and Aboriginal fishing activities and opportunities
    • 5.4 presence of any Aboriginal land claims
    • 5.5 potential socio-economic impacts
  6. Alternatives to MPA protection, such as:
    • 6.1 Protection mechanisms already in place within AOI
    • 6.2 Other types of designation, e.g., park, conservation area, ecological reserve, wildlife management area
    • 6.3 Other types of regulation or conservation measure, e.g., fisheries closure
  7. A list of groups and individuals interested in the development of the MPA, including proposed partnering arrangements
  8. Proposed management strategies and regulations inside the MPA and associated rationale for each, such as:
    • 8.1 suggested management objectives, zoning, and other controls
    • 8.2 suggestions or arrangements for research and monitoring, surveillance and enforcement
    • 8.3 suggestions for marking, signage and public awareness
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