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Activity application for Musquash Estuary MPA

2. The Application Process

Who should apply for an activity approval?


Anyone wishing to conduct scientific, educational, archeological, commercial tourism or habitat restoration activities in the area is required to submit an activity plan that addresses the information required by the Regulations governing the MPA. It is advisable to consult the Regulations to learn what activities are allowed in the MPA before starting the application process.

How do I apply?


Those proposing to conduct an activity in the Musquash Estuary MPA should contact the Musquash MPA Management Team to obtain the current Activity Plan Submission Form. You may obtain the current Activity Application form by contacting the Musquash MPA Management Team by email at or by telephone at 902-426-9919.

The Regulations and the checklist should be reviewed by applicants prior to submission to ensure that all required information has been included. Once completed, applications should be submitted to:

When should I apply?


The Regulations specify that applications must be submitted no less than 60 days before the day on which the activity is proposed to begin. It is recommended that you discuss the activity with the Management Team well in advance of the application period. The Management Team can offer guidance regarding completion of the application and raise any concerns that should be addressed prior to the official submission of the application.

How does the application process work?


Fully completed applications must be submitted to the Musquash MPA Management Team in order to be processed. The application will be reviewed by the Management Team, Advisory Committee, and other subject-matter experts (as required). The MPA Regulations, the Musquash Estuary Management Plan, and other documents provide criteria against which the application is evaluated; applicants will be contacted if clarification is needed on any aspects of the application or proposed activities.

What is required for an activity to be approved?


Activities within this MPA are limited to scientific, educational, archeological, commercial tourism, and habitat restoration activities. The basic requirements for activity approval are described in section 5 of the Regulations. Proposed research activities must not contravene the conservation objectives identified for the MPA. Applicants should explain how the proposed activities contribute to those priorities and should demonstrate that the proposed activities will not contribute to cumulative environmental effects in the MPA. The MPA Management Team can assist in ensuring that your proposed goals meet the objectives of the MPA.

Use the checklist to ensure that all required information is included. Other information may be requested by the MPA Management Team to ensure appropriate management of the Area. While your application will be evaluated only on the basis of the required elements, the speed and ease with which the application is reviewed can be advanced when more information is provided.

How long does it take to receive a decision?


The Minister must make a decision on the activity plan within 30 days after the day on which the plan is received.

Is a follow-up report required?


There is no regulatory requirement for a post-activity report. However, to assist in the ongoing management of the area, MPA managers request that those receiving approvals to conduct activities in the MPA communicate the outcomes of the activities using a standard reporting template. Information requested includes the date, duration, and location of the activities within the MPA; description of types of samples and/or data collected; whether the activities proposed in the application were successfully conducted; a brief description of any problems encountered; an assessment of the effectiveness of mitigation measures used to minimize environmental impacts; and a description of any unexpected incidents/impacts. Researchers are also encouraged to share their results with the Canadian public, international communities, and interested parties.

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