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Activity application for Laurentian Channel MPA: Step 1. Overview

1. Overview

The Laurentian Channel MPA Regulations establish two management areas. More stringent restrictions apply in Zones 1a and 1b, the Core Protection Zones (CPZ) and most sensitive area, while Zones 2a and 2b are Adaptive Management Zones (AMZ) that allow activities compatible with the conservation objectives of the MPA. Refer to the Regulations and Schedules for specific requirements and zone coordinates.

The Regulations prohibit any activity that disrupts, damages, destroys or removes any living marine organism or any part of its habitat, or that is likely to do so, from the MPA. However, exceptions to the general prohibition allow certain activities to be carried out that do not compromise achieving conservation objectives. The permitted activities in the area are listed in section 4 of the Regulations, and include:

  • fishing, other than commercial fishing, authorized under the Aboriginal Communal Fishing Licences Regulations;
  • the laying, maintenance and repair of cables in Zones 2a and 2b, as long as these activities are not likely to destroy habitat in the MPA;
  • activities related to navigation, provided there is no anchoring in the CPZ; and
  • any activity for the purposes of public safety, national defence, national security, law enforcement, or to respond to an emergency.

In addition, scientific research or monitoring or educational activities may be authorized if the proponent submits an activity plan to Fisheries and Oceans Canada and receives approval from the Minister. The approval conditions are described in section 7 of the MPA Regulations.

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