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Activity application for the Gully Marine Protected Area (MPA)

1. Overview

The Gully MPA was established to protect marine mammals, fish, benthic communities, and habitat from the impacts of human activities. The Area is complex with three zones and different activities allowed in each zone. Refer to the Regulations and Schedules for precise requirements and coordinates.

With certain exceptions, the Regulations prohibit any activity that disturbs, damages, destroys or removes any living marine organism or any part of its habitat or is likely to do so. Activities that may be allowed to occur in the Area are listed under the ‘exceptions’ section of the MPA Regulations and include:

  • Certain types of fishing, according to prescribed Regulations and zones;
  • Activities carried out for public safety, national defence, national security, law enforcement, or in response to an emergency.

In addition, anyone who wishes to conduct an activity in the Gully MPA that is not listed as an exception to the general prohibitions in the Regulations must submit an application for Ministerial approval. An application is required for activities carried out completely within the MPA, as well as for activities that include the MPA as part of a larger program. Examples of activities that require approval through this process include:

  • Scientific research and monitoring activities (plans may be approved in all three zones, provided the research meets all regulatory requirements);
  • Tourism activities such as whale watching and seabird tours (applications should include a commitment to follow the Gully MPA whale-watching guidelines);
  • Activities related to media production (e.g., film and television crews); and
  • Any other activity not listed as an exception in Section 8 of the Regulations.
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