Coastal Restoration Fund

The Coastal Restoration Fund is part of the national Oceans Protection Plan, launched May 2017. The fund will provide $75 million over 5 years to support projects that help to restore coastal aquatic habitats.


The fund addresses threats to marine habitats and species located on Canada's coasts and supports efforts that:

  • contribute to strategic planning as well as identifying and responding to restoration priorities
  • rehabilitate aquatic habitats
  • contribute to long-term sustainability
  • encourage and build local communitycapacity

It also engages Indigenous and community groups, as well as academics and non-profit organizations in undertaking:

  • planning
  • restoration
  • capacity building
  • monitoring
  • reporting activities
  • the mitigation of stressors affecting aquatic habitats and marine life

Nation-wide map of projects

The following map displays where all the approved projects can be found in Canada.

Program outcomes

The fund provides opportunities for participants to:

  • contribute to the design and delivery of coastal restoration projects
  • promote economic opportunities
  • address threats to marine life
  • enhance marine and coastal habitats

Current program approach

The remaining funds available are $13.6 million. Given the success of the program to date, a more targeted approach will be taken with the current funding round. We’ll be focusing on:

  • regional priority areas that have the greatest strategic value
  • prioritizing regional activities with the greatest benefit to specific coastal ecosystems threats
  • reducing project size and funding in order to support more initiatives

As with the first round of funding, we remain committed to engaging Indigenous groups in the protection of Canada's coastal areas.

Funded projects

The initial launch of the program fund was a success with funded projects totaling approximately $55 million. All approved projects include Indigenous involvement in their planning or implementation.

In total, we received 163 expressions of interest, requesting a total of over $310 million. All projects received were assessed for funding based on the program's criteria, which evaluated a project's:

  • methodology
  • sustainability
  • biological value
  • potential impact

Contact us

Questions about the fund can be submitted to your regional contact.

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