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Reporting requirements for commercial fisheries

In order to operate legally and in compliance with the Fisheries Act and related regulations, all commercial harvesters must follow the conditions of licence in their permit. This includes mandatory reporting, which depends on the type of licence.

Lost and retrieved gear reporting

As a condition of licence, all commercial harvesters are required to report lost gear to DFO. Harvesters are encouraged to use the fishing gear reporting system to meet this requirement.

Logging lost gear helps the department:

Alternative formats

Plain text and PDF versions of the lost and retrieved fishing gear forms are available:


For questions, or to request group training on how to use the Fishing Gear Reporting System, please email:

Lost gear sighting form

If you see lost gear that isn’t yours, you can report sighted lost gear. This form is intended for DFO-authorized fishing activities or any recreational activities while at sea.

Fishery-specific mandatory reporting

In addition to lost-gear reporting for all commercial harvesters, the fisheries listed below require additional reports be submitted to DFO. Please consult your conditions of licence for more information.

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