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Lost fishing gear form

To fill out a PDF form, you must:

  1. download it to your computer
  2. use PDF software to open it (such as, Adobe Reader or Foxit PDF)

For more information: How to download and open a PDF form

If you are unable to access the PDF version, you may print this webpage and fill out the form manually.

  1. Select the “Print” button to print the form
  2. Once printed, manually complete the form
  3. Scan or take a picture of the completed form
  4. Send the form by email to
  5. If access to internet is not available, please mail forms to:
    Lost and Retrieved Gear Reporting
    343 Université Ave, Room 320
    Moncton, NB, E1C 9B6

*Fields with asterisk are mandatory

Individual and licence information

Arctic Ontario and Prairies Gulf Maritimes Newfoundland and Labrador Pacific Quebec

Where did you lose your gear?

Last known position of the lost gear, (as accurate as possible):

NAD 83 (preferred) WGS 84 NAD 27
  Decimal Degrees or Degrees Decimal Minutes or Degrees Minutes Seconds

For coordinates, use:

  • Degrees Decimal Minutes (DOM): Example 42° 45.480' N 62° 32.700' W or
  • Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS): Example 42°45'30" N 62°32'45" W or
  • Decimal Degrees (DP): Example 42.758 -62.545

Describe your lost gear

Complete below fields: (including crab and lobster traps). If not applicable, fill in as "0"

Gear type (include all types of trawls): Longline Net Seine Trap / Pot Trawl Troll Other (please specify): ___________________

*Description of part of gear that was lost: (e.g. Nets, vertical lines, anchor, gear markers, etc.):

*Number of units of gear lost:

(if measured by lines, indicate total number of units lost per line. If nets, estimate length of net lost)

*Estimated length of netting lost (in ft):

*Estimated length of rope lost (in ft):

Sequential number(s) of the tag(s) attached to the lost fishing gear(s) (if applicable):

Number of lost buoy(s) and description: (e.g. float, hi-fly, colour etc.):

Reason for loss

Equipment failure Gear conflict Ice Snag Suspected theft Weather Other


Forms must be sent electronically to

If access to internet is not available, please mail forms to:

Lost and Retrieved Gear Reporting
12 Millennium Blvd
Suite 110
Moncton, NB
E1C 0M3

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