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Aboriginal fisheries

Programs supporting Aboriginal fisheries and funding for commercial fishing development and conservation.

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Services and information

Atlantic Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative

Funding and support to Mi`kmaq, Maliseet and Passamaquoddy Indigenous communities in the Atlantic.

Pacific Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative

Funding for building capacity of commercial fisheries and co-management for West Coast First Nations.

Northern Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative

Funding for development of Northern Indigenous-owned communal commercial fishing enterprises and aquaculture operations.

Our reconciliation strategy

Our plan to build a renewed relationship with Indigenous peoples across all areas of the Department—fisheries, oceans, aquatic habitat and marine waterways.

Fishing in pursuit of a moderate livelihood

Thirty-four First Nations in the Maritimes and Gaspé region, and the Peskotomuhkati, have a treaty right to fish in pursuit of a moderate livelihood.

Food, social and ceremonial fisheries

Overview of how fishing for food, social and ceremonial purposes is protected under the Constitution.

Indigenous Program Review and renewal

Find background and updates on the collaborative process to review, co-develop and co-deliver DFO's Indigenous programs.

Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy

Strategy objectives and outcomes.

Commercial communal fishing licences

Renew commercial communal fishing licences using the National Online Licensing System.

Aboriginal Aquatic Resource and Oceans Management Program

Supports Indigenous groups as they develop, grow and maintain aquatic resource and oceans management departments.

Aboriginal Fund for Species at Risk Program

Protection funding for aquatic species at risk, project priority areas, contacts and application dates.

Indigenous Marine Servicing Initiative

Supporting the diversification and expansion of Indigenous marine-related service industries.

Pacific fisheries agreements

Lists of treaties in British Columbia and Yukon that contain Aboriginal fisheries agreements.

Indigenous Habitat Participation Program

About the program, selection criteria and how to apply for funding.



AAROM hub showcases Indigenous expertise

AAROM hub profiles independent Indigenous organizations, participants in the Aboriginal Aquatic Resource and Oceans Management Program

Statement of Cooperation on the Skutik/St. Croix River watershed

Statement of cooperation on the restoration of indigenous, sea-run fish in the Skutik/St. Croix River watershed along the U.S.-Canada border

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