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Salmon enhancement

Salmon hatcheries help support both conservation and harvesting objectives and play an important role in regenerating vulnerable populations of Pacific salmon stocks.

In keeping with the Pacific Wild Salmon Policy, we take decisions using a precautionary approach, which includes assessing biological risks associated with enhancing each specific stock. For all enhancement projects, we apply a broad suite of guidelines and best practices, including genetic management guidelines that are updated as new knowledge becomes available. Under the Pacific Salmon Strategy Initiative (PSSI), work in these areas will be expanded.

Through the PSSI, we intend to explore opportunities to increase the use conservation-based salmon hatchery production to help recover, stabilize and restore stocks and, at the same time, create selective harvest opportunities for all harvest sectors (Indigenous, recreational, and commercial) that avoid impacts to salmon stocks of concern.

We will engage with stakeholders and First Nations about our plans to build new hatchery facilities, where support for Pacific salmon stocks is most critical. We will also work strategically with existing hatcheries to enhance their efforts where needed, and to support harvest opportunities for all fishers, where feasible without compromising conservation objectives.

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