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Conservation and stewardship

Through the Pacific Salmon Strategy Initiative (PSSI), we're investing in targeted salmon science and information to help us make more effective decisions and increase our work in the areas of:

The British Columbia Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund (BCSRIF) helps to restore salmon habitats by financially supporting community-level projects. Established in 2019 at $142.85 million, the contribution program is co-funded in partnership with the Province of British Columbia. To help support the goals of the PSSI, we intend to double our contribution to the fund, and are in discussions with the Province of British Columbia to this end.

The PSSI will also create a cross-disciplinary team within DFO to produce integrated salmon ecosystem data, research, and analysis that will inform our decision-making. This dedicated team will help us deepen our understanding of salmon ecosystems – the rivers, estuaries, their migrating paths, and interactions – by increasing our reporting of the status of salmon and their ecosystems.

In addition, within a new Salmon Stewardship Directorate, we will create a new Habitat Restoration Centre of Expertise, and coordinate increased capacity in the areas of salmon rebuilding and salmon partnerships. This will help ensure that our collective salmon stewardship, rebuilding and habitat restoration efforts are integrated and effective.

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