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A new way forward for aquaculture

Aquaculture helps meet the global demand for high-protein food. Here’s how we’re making sure shellfish and fish-farming is both environmentally responsible and economically successful.


As global demand for seafood rises, Canada needs to seize economic opportunity and create jobs for people who live in coastal communities.

But we need to make sure aquaculture is done in an environmentally sustainable way.

That is why the Government of Canada is taking a new approach.

An approach that continues to be based on scientific evidence.

That protects wild fish and other aquatic life in our ocean.

That takes into account environmental, social and economic factors.

That seeks the knowledge and expertise of Indigenous Peoples.

An approach that works with provinces, industry partners and environmental groups.

That supports innovation and the use of green technologies.

That uses caution when there is uncertainty about what the science is telling us.

That brings together different rules and regulations across the country and brings them into one clear, national, new Aquaculture Act.

A new approach that’s environmentally responsible and creates good jobs for Canadians.

A new way forward for aquaculture in Canada.

Learn how we can move forward, together.

Canada’s plan for sustainable aquaculture

We are working to make aquaculture more sustainable and economically successful by supporting:

  • more scientific research 
  • more engagement with Indigenous peoples, provincial and territorial partners
  • clearer regulations for operators
  • better monitoring and enforcement

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How we manage aquaculture

We work with our partners to support a healthy ecosystem, and to achieve economic benefits for coastal communities.

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Initiatives and management measures

We’re working on new management approaches to increase transparency in decision-making, and collaboration with Indigenous peoples and other partners.

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Have your say

We’re developing a new Aquaculture Act and streamlining existing rules that govern aquaculture across Canada to ensure a single set of rules for all operations.

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Science and research

Aquaculture science is the cornerstone of all of our management decisions for regulating aquaculture in an environmentally responsible way. Science allows us to understand ecosystem interactions and fish health.

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Supporting innovation

Fisheries and Aquaculture Clean Technology Adoption Program

We support the aquaculture industry’s adoption of the latest and greenest technology available by funding market-ready solutions into day-to-day operations through the $20 million Fisheries and Aquaculture Clean Technology Adoption Program.

Study on the state of salmon aquaculture technology

To make sure we always use the latest and best aquaculture production practices, we launched a study with the province of British Columbia on the global state of salmon aquaculture technology. It will look at a wide range of current and emerging technologies that can reduce interactions between fish farms and the environment, including impacts on wild salmon.

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A Fisheries Act for the future

How restoring lost protections for fish and aquatic environments will safeguard fisheries resources and coastal habitats for generations to come.

Cooperating on marine aquaculture

Canada and U.S. collaborate to ensure responsible aquaculture and to support jobs in coastal and rural communities.

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