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Federal oversight of aquaculture activities

Learn how Canada oversees aquaculture activities through scientific research, regulations, policies, monitoring, enforcement, engagement and collaboration.

Federal oversight of aquaculture activities. See long description.
Federal oversight of aquaculture activities.
Long description

Regulations/policy, engagement, monitoring and enforcement and science.

Science: We fund and carry out robust research on specific topics and provide advice for policy and decision makers.

Regulations and policy: Laws and policies govern many aspects of aquaculture activities to make sure they are done in a safe and sustainable way.

Engagement: We engage with partners, stakeholders and Indigenous groups on aquaculture regulatory/legislative developments

Monitoring and enforcement: The federal government does regular audit, monitor and surveillance of aquaculture operations.

Scientific research

We fund and carry out scientific research on specific topics to provide advice for policy and decision makers for the management of aquaculture activities.

Regulations and policies

We develop regulations and policies to make sure aquaculture activities are done in a safe and sustainable way.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada is responsible for fisheries, including aquaculture across Canada.

The Sustainable Aquaculture Program is a program specific to Fisheries and Oceans Canada. It allows us to deliver on our legislative responsibilities for aquaculture management and represents approximately 40% of our overall spending on aquaculture management.

Sustainable Aquaculture Program I: 2008 to 2013

We launched the Sustainable Aquaculture Program in 2008 when Canada provided $70 million for a 5-year program. This first version of the program was comprised of 4 interrelated areas of work:

The results of this program included:

The Sustainable Aquaculture Program I program ended in 2013 and was re-designed.

Sustainable Aquaculture Program II: 2013 to 2020

We developed the renewed Sustainable Aquaculture Program with a goal of helping address the sector’s challenges to growth by:

Canada funded the new program with approximately $55 million over 5 years to support 3 pillars:

This new version of the program has led to several key achievements in setting the conditions for aquaculture industry sustainability, including:


We engage with Indigenous groups, partners and stakeholders on aquaculture regulatory and legislative developments.

Monitoring and enforcement

We regularly monitor aquaculture operations to verify compliance with regulations and policies.

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