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Study on the state of salmon aquaculture technology

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Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) is pleased to have partnered with the Province of British Columbia and Sustainable Development Technology Canada to explore advancements in aquaculture production technologies.

The study, undertaken by Gardner-Pinfold Consulting Inc., was developed in close collaboration with an advisory committee comprising:

The study reviewed the global state of salmon production technology and explored four technology options: land-based and floating closed-containment; offshore technologies; and, hybrid systems which combine both land and marine-based systems. The study also identified measures to support technology development and adoption in British Columbia (B.C.).

Over two thirds of Canada’s farmed salmon production occurs in B.C. As such, the study focused on the operating environment in B.C. given it would provide the most relevant context for potential new technologies.

This study is an important step in developing a responsible plan to transition open net-pen salmon farming in coastal British Columbia waters, as outlined in the Minister’s mandate letter. DFO will build upon the study and the recommendations of the three technical working groups created under the Indigenous and multi-stakeholder advisory body (IMAB), as announced on June 4, 2019. Results from the study and recommendations from the salmonid alternative production technology technical working group will help in understanding the feasibility of various technologies. This work will serve as a solid foundation to inform the development of a plan.

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The study was commissioned and funded by:

The study was guided by an independent advisory committee comprising:

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