Community Profile: Millbrook First Nation, Nova Scotia (Trout)

In 2003, a land-based, grow-out facility for Arctic Char was established on Millbrook’s Power Centre outside Truro, Nova Scotia. The economic venture into aquaculture was led by Chief Lawrence Paul and the Millbrook First Nation Band Council with an investment of $3.3 million. Millbrook First Nation selected Arctic Char to produce because it was an underdeveloped and undersupplied farmed fish in world markets.

Today, the Millbrook First Nation is producing Rainbow Trout in a partnership with Sustainable Blue, a Canadian company located in Centre Burlington, Nova Scotia. About 25 people, primarily members of the Millbrook Band, are employed year round.

“Millbrook has come a long way since it became a First Nation in 1896. Today, we’re a leader among First Nations in economic development. We’re generating revenues. We’re creating employment. We’re sowing the seeds of self-sufficiency. We’re benefiting the Truro and Colchester County economies. And we’re proud to be paving the way for other First Nations by setting an example.”

“Economic development and building solid business partnerships are of primary importance to the Millbrook First Nation. We will continue to build the capacity of our community and our people, and will continue to invest in training and preparing our people for gainful employment.” said Chief Lawrence Paul.

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