Aquaculture business and licences

Licences and permits related to aquaculture operations in provinces and territories, sites and maps.

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Services and information

Licensing in other provinces and territories

Permits, leases and/or licences for farmed species operations in other provinces, territories.

Aquaculture licensing in British Columbia

Licences for marine finfish, shellfish and freshwater operations in British Columbia.

Aquaculture licensing in Prince Edward Island

Permits, leases and/or licences for marine finfish, shellfish and freshwater operations in PEI.

Aquaculture sites and maps

Aquaculture sites and their locations throughout Canada.

Fisheries and Aquaculture Clean Technology Adoption Program

Funding for clean technologies and processes that reduce environmental impacts of fishery and aquaculture activities.

Licences for introductions and transfers

Requirements for planned movement of live aquatic organisms while ensuring minimal impacts on ecosystems.

Aboriginal Aquaculture in Canada Initiative

Projects, jobs, businesses and initiatives funded by the program between April 2013 to March 2018.

Aquaculture collaborative research

Government and industry team up for collaborative research on fish health and environmental performance.

Northern Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative

Funding for development of Northern Indigenous-owned communal commercial fishing enterprises and aquaculture operations.