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Canadian Aquaculture R&D Review 2007


Innovating in a Flattened World

Knowledge moving around the world nearly instantaneously is but one of the factors creating the new economy and society that Thomas Friedman describes as a "flat world: a global, web-enabled platform for multiple forms of sharing knowledge and work, irrespective of time, distance, geography and increasingly, language".*

The leveling of the global economic playing field that is at the heart of The World is Flat is a feature of today's aquaculture industry. One of the consequences is that it is now much more important than ever to rapidly capture opportunity from new knowledge generated by scientific research and technological development.

Yet Canada faces a challenge in mobilizing and commercializing such knowledge. The seventh annual innovation report of the Conference Board of Canada (2006) declares, "Research alone is not enough to secure Canada's success in global markets. It is essential to connect leading-edge research to companies that can transform it into globally competitive products and services".**

This second edition of the Canadian Aquaculture R&D Review is helping to mobilize Canada's research knowledge and to connect knowledge producers - the investigators, technicians, and students - with knowledge needs and knowledge users in industry, communities and governments. It features almost 200 reports on research projects that are new or were active and ongoing since the spring of 2005.

The collection of reports for this publication was channeled through requests to funding agencies supporting aquaculture research and development in Canada. We are grateful for the efforts of all who contributed reports for this review and the efforts of Christie Whelan (DFO) in particular. Special thanks to Dr. Daphne Munroe who provided immensely valuable assistance in organizing and editing the contributions. And thanks to Peter Chettleburgh and the folks at Capamara Publications for putting it all together.

The R&D Review is the result of a collaboration between a number of parties including industry, federal and provincial governments and the research community. We wish to acknowledge the support of the British Columbia Aquaculture Research and Development Committee, Fisheries and Oceans Canada Aquaculture Collaborative Research and Development Program, AquaNet, the National Research Council of Canada Institute for Marine Biosciences, Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation and Reseau Aquaculture Quebec.

Tim DeJager, Ph.D.,
DeJager AquaLogic,
Project Coordinator

* Friedman, Thomas, 2005. The World is Flat: A Brief History of the 21st Century. (New York: Farrar, Strauss and Giroux).

**Conference Board of Canada, 2006. Lessons in Public-Private Research Collaboration: Improving Interactions Between Individuals (7th Annual Innovation Report).

The Canadian Aquaculture Research and Development Review has been published with support and funding provided by the British Columbia Aquaculture Research and Development Committee (BCARDC), Aquaculture Collaborative Research and Development Program DFO (ACRDP) and AquaNet, the National Research Council of Canada Institute for Marine Biosciences, Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation and Reseau Aquaculture Quebec.

Submitted materials may have been edited for length and writing style. Projects not included in this edition should submit material in time for the 2009 edition.

Project Coordinator 
Tim DeJager, Ph.D.
DeJager AquaLogic

Editorial Assistant
Dr. Daphne Munroe

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