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Using and interpreting aquaculture data: 6. Improving data quality

6. Improving data quality

Data submitted by licence holders is reviewed by Fisheries and Oceans Canada staff for accuracy and to ensure compliance with the AAR and licence conditions. DFO staff follow up with licence holders to verify information and provide education when necessary.

Facility operators are required by law to submit information that:

  • to the best of their knowledge is:
    • true
    • accurate
    • complete
  • falls within the reporting period

Despite best efforts by facility operators, errors sometimes occur in data reported to Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

To meet the needs of data users, a number of measures to ensure data quality have been implemented. This includes data that is:

  • accurate
  • reliable
  • relevant
  • timely
  • accessible
  • complete

As part of data quality control activities, we:

  • review data reported by facilities for inaccuracies and reporting errors
  • contact facilities as necessary to verify and update their reports
  • use standardized reporting templates

Reviewed datasets are published following internal verification and analysis. These are available to the public in various formats with variable timelines.

All reports comply with the Government of Canada Standard on Web Accessibility and the Official Languages Act.

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