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Using and interpreting aquaculture data: 4. What we report

4. What we report

The Department provides information on the protection of aquatic ecosystems through reports on:

  • organic waste management and benthic performance
  • protection of wild fish and their habitat, including:
    • use of lights
    • incidental catch
    • use of drugs and pest control products
    • marine mammal interactions and escapes
    • compliance activities
  • movements of aquatic organisms from one body of water (or rearing facility) to another

In an effort to protect fish health and maintain sustainable populations, the Department also provides reports on:

  • disease risk reduction and fish health inspections
  • disease and parasite management, including the results of sea lice audits
  • treatments for disease outbreaks and offsite morbidity and mortality events
  • onsite mortality rates and carcass classification

The Department further provides reference information, such as:

  • facility details for the province of British Columbia (including site name, species cultured etc.)
  • maps for all provinces where the data is available from provincial websites
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