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Using and interpreting aquaculture data: 3. Why we report to the public

3. Why we report to the public

Aquaculture public reporting is part of the Sustainable Aquaculture Program. It supports Canada’s directive on transparency and open government and our vision to:

  • provide information that is :
    • timely
    • accurate
    • relevant
    • coherent
  • inform Canadians about the sector’s:
    • regulatory management
    • economic and environmental performance

The Department has imperatives under s. 35 and s. 36 of the Fisheries Act to ensure that fish and fish habitat are protected; and the marine environment is protected from the deposit of deleterious substances. Additional details regarding these specific provisions can be found in the Fisheries Protection and Pollution Prevention section of the Fisheries Act.

As part of achieving this, the Department provides stakeholders and the general public with timely, fact-based information concerning the environmental and operational performance of the aquaculture industry in Canada.

We’re committed to a regulatory approach that ensures the industry:

  • operates in a sustainable manner
  • minimizes and mitigates the impacts of aquaculture activities on wild fish habitat
  • improves science knowledge and advice to inform regulatory decision-making and policy development

We ensure accountability through:

  • public reporting
  • extensive compliance monitoring
  • adaptive management approaches based on best available scientific advice and implementation of new regulatory processes when required
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