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Report a sighting or incident in Atlantic Canada

If you encounter a shark, let us know

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White shark swimming underwater toward the camera. © B. Semple.

White shark swimming underwater toward the camera. © B. Semple.

Everyone who encounters a shark is encouraged to document and report the sighting to DFO. In particular, reporting white shark sightings helps scientists gain knowledge about this species, which is listed as Endangered under the Species at Risk Act.

If you see a shark, remain a safe distance away and record as many details of the encounter as possible, including:

  • photograph(s) or video of the shark, including the dorsal fin;
  • date of the encounter and time of day;
  • location (as specific as possible, e.g. positional GPS data);
  • estimates of the total length and sex of the shark(s) (males have claspers);
  • any distinguishing features (e.g. colour, scars), behaviours, visible wounds, swimming ability of the shark post-release; and
  • your name and contact information (voluntary).

Learn about safe catch and release practices [PDF].

For more information, visit sharks found in Atlantic Canada.

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