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Climate Change Impacts for the Arctic Ocean Tool (CIAO Tool)



NASA view of the Arctic on September 17, 2014, when sea ice extent was 5.02 million square kilometers. The orange line indicates the average sea ice extent during 1981 to 2010 for the same day of the year. Credit: NSIDC/NASA Earth Observatory .

Compared to past decades (before 1980), the Arctic Ocean and atmosphere are transitioning to a more dynamic state. Projections of ice-free Arctic Ocean summers by the mid-21st century may actually underestimate the rate of change. This project will develop and deliver an interactive, web-based planning tool, associated datasets and high-resolution maps as a way to present the results of CIAO—Climate Change Impacts for the Arctic Ocean—a related ACCASP project that will estimate indicators of climate change on a basin scale for the Arctic Ocean.

By providing the results of CIAO in a usable, accessible format, stakeholders and managers—particularly in Arctic locations—will be able to estimate the impacts of present (1970-1999) and future climate change (2014-2100) on ocean temperature, currents, salinity, light availability and other factors that are relevant to ecosystem dynamics and models, and the associated planning process for modelling the Arctic ecosystem Footnote 1 . The project will also provide technical documentation and training for fisheries management personnel, as well as peer-reviewed reports and papers to provide a solid science foundation.

Program Name

Aquatic Climate Change Adaptation Services Program (ACCASP)


2014 - 2016


Arctic: Canadian Arctic Archipelago

Principal Investigator(s)

William Perrie
DFO, Maritimes Region
Tel.: (902) 426-3985

Steven Newton
DFO, Central and Arctic Region
Tel.: (204) 984-5561

Team Member(s)

John N. Smith, DFO, Maritimes, BIO, Dartmouth, NS

Youyu Lu, DFO, Maritimes, BIO, Dartmouth, NS

Zhenxia Long, DFO, Maritimes, BIO, Dartmouth, NS

Ellen Kenchington, DFO, Maritimes, BIO, Dartmouth, NS

Margaret Treble, DFO, Freshwater Institute, Winnipeg, MN

Nadja Steiner, DFO, Pacific, IOS, Sidney, BC

Chelsea Smith, DFO, Maritimes, BIO, Dartmouth, NS

Jim Reist, DFO, Central and Arctic, Winnipeg, MN

Andrew Majewski, DFO, Central and Arctic, Winnipeg, MN

Bill Smethie Jr., Lamont-Doherty Observatory at Columbia University

Michael Karcher, Senior Scientist with AVI, Bremerhaven, Germany

D. Atkinson, University of Victoria

Collaborating Government Department(s)

NSERC (funding)

Environment Canada

Collaborative Partner(s)

Beaufort Gyre Exploration Project (BGEP)

Pan-Arctic Climate Investigation (PACI)

University of Ottawa

CONCEPTS (Canadian Operational Network of Couples Environmental Prediction Systems)

PERD (Panel on Energy Research and Development)

Collaborative International Partner(s)

Joint Ocean Ice Study (US and Japanese scientists)

Columbia University

AVI (Germany)

University of Victoria

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